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Paper Bag Manufacturer

We produce paper and cardboard bags. Our company is located in Istanbul and we export all kinds of world.
We produce Kraft paper bags with or without handle, printed or unprinted. Paper bags for takeaway companies, paper bags for the retail and retail industries are available in various sizes.
As handle, we can also produce paper bags with twisted handle or without handle, or kraft bags in the sizes used by markets.
You can contact us in luxury group cardboard bags and cardboard boxes.
Review the specifications, size and paper bag prices of the produced paper bags.
For export and other questions, contact us.

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White and Natural Kraft

We are using usually 70, 90, 105 gsm kraft paper. The paper bag you see in white is made of white kraft, you can choose the handle color as black or white. We can also attach stems in different colors according to the stock status. Please get information from the sales consultant.

Good Quality... Good price and good timing!

Choice of brands

Robust, quality, recycled and stylish paper bag models that correspond to the expectations of your customers shopping from your store are also the most important visual tools in the promotion of your brand. The importance of sales and marketing is becoming more and more prominent today in the retail or service sector.

Twisted handle bags

Define Paper Bag, kraft bag or whatever you define, Kraft bags with Twirl Handle has already started to replace the plastic bag.

Traditional format produced by the machine and history in Turkey, this time close to 20 years in Paper Bags are manufactured by us in the last 12 years. The kraft paper bag has a lot of advantages as well as some minor drawbacks. Economically cheap paper bags for your high quantity consumption seem a bit unnecessary for brands with few consumption. We can say that the main reason why the twist handle paper bag spreads to such a degree in the world is the damage caused by plastic bags to the nature.

In addition to the quality of the products offered to customers and consumers, it is equally important with which packaging you offer the goods and services you produce or sell. The quality of the brand and the quality of the packaging are directly reflected in the sales.

Brands Experience the Privilege of Cheap Paper Bags

The most important ways to increase the demand for your product and your brand are the quality of the product and then advertising and promotion. Recycled paper bags designed for every different product make you and consumers happy with their wide range of products. For sustainable production and marketing, you can present your product in the most beautiful packaging worthy of your customer. We guarantee cheap prices, affordable prices, and continue to work with the industry's leading stores and brands with our honest and reliable identity.

An Environmental, Economic and Effective Advertising Tool Paper Bag

In the product and service marketing sectors, where advertising and promotion are not only visual and audio, but also prominent in terms of promotion, paper bags and bags are seen as an alternative advertising tool.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum quantity?
A: We produce at least 5,000 or 10,000 pieces for each size up to 3 colors. We produce a minimum of 25,000 pieces for CMYK printed products
Q: Delivery time?
A: In the range of 25 to 30 business days.
Q: Where is the delivery place?
A: We ship to the door of your business
Q: Packaging?
A: We ship 250 or 400 parcels and pallets.

Please contact us for different questions.

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